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Year 3 - Pirates of Gateway!

Year 3 - Pirates of Gateway!

This week in Topic and English we have been investigating the lives of Caribbean pirates and we discovered lots of fascinating facts ! We have been using these facts to create an information text all about pirates. Before we could produce these texts, we had to identify the features of an information text and discuss how they differ from fiction texts. Through careful observation, we discovered a wealth of features including headings, subheadings, bold text, labelled diagrams, index and content pages, glossaries and fact boxes to name just a few !

We also noticed that a lot of the headings were in the form of a question, so the children created their own question to answer e.g. What weapons did pirates use ?

The challenge now facing the children is to complete their information text before the end of term, including as many features as they can !

Our Pirate theme also crossed over into our maths lessons where we have been learning about angles and turns. We made compasses to help navigate Captain Jack Sparrow in the right direction using quarter, half, three quarter and full turns, both clockwise and anti clockwise.

This has all been happening whilst rehearsing for our Christmas production !

All in all, a very busy week for Year 3 !

Can you recognise any of the pirates that have taken over Year 3 this week ?

Hammock Hare Fierce Phoebe

Horrid Harris Fearsome Flynn

Killing Kaitlin Angry Alex

Eddie the Hacker Super Sutherland

Swift Smith Cackling Chahal

Jealous Jemima Billionaire Butler

Scary Sienna

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