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Year 3 practise telling the time

Year 3 practise telling the time

This week, Year 3 has been practising telling the time. The children have revisited how to read and write both analogue and digital time. They are now becoming more confident converting between the two. The children have also been introduced to some new time vocabulary this week, preparing them to tackle a larger variety of word problems. In addition to this, they have played a variety of interactive time games and have enjoyed daily time bingo sessions. This week’s learning will culminate in a problem solving activity in which they will apply their knowledge of time to solve tasks.

At home it would be helpful if the children could continue to reference time in meaningful contexts, by discussing what they typically do at different times of the day. To extend understanding of time further, your child may wish to focus on the duration of time, for example thinking about how much time has passed between eating breakfast and arriving at school in the morning.

Next week in maths, the children will be investigating shape. They will consolidate their understanding of the properties of 2D and 3D shapes by using a variety of visual and kinaesthetic resources to support learning.

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