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Year 3 prepare for next week's performance

Year 3 prepare for next week's performance

As the performance of Let Down by Rapunzel draws ever closer, the children have been working incredibly hard during their rehearsal times at Great Missenden Hall this week. Along with getting to grips with the props they will be using, the pupils have developed their stage presence and delivery of lines. Finishing touches are being put in to the choreography and we hope to see as many as you as possible at the performance on Wednesday 23 March at 2pm. If you can, please try to run through your children's lines over the weekend and ask them to show you exactly how they will deliver them on stage. Costumes should be in school by now but otherwise they must be brought in on Monday. Grown-ups should also keep practising Bonnie Tyler's Holding Out for a Hero for our big karaoke finale!

In class, the children have enjoyed finding out about other people who worked in castles. Despite all the sword fighting and banqueting, the pupils discovered there were lots of other jobs to be done in the background, including making arrows, cleaning the toilets and keeping charge of the wine and ale supplies! In Science, the children spent some time investigating how different magnets behaved and got to grips with terms attract and repel. They investigated which magnet was strongest by testing how many ball bearings and paper clips each one could hold. You may want to try a similar experiment at home using fridge magnets or magnetic cars/trains.

Brainiacs Club

Year 3 and 4 Brainiacs Club ended with a BANG, or should I say FIZZ, this week as the children dropped 7 Mento mints into Lemonade from a safe distance. The combination never fails to impress and we discussed how there isn't a chemical reaction as such, it's just that the Carbon Dioxide comes out of the liquid very quickly and in doing so forces the lemonade out of the bottle.

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