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Year 3 read their adventure stories to the class

Year 3 read their adventure stories to the class

This week, Year 3 have continued to plan and write adventure stories. They included a castle setting to link in with our current topic. The children thought long and hard about how to describe their setting using the senses. ‘The cold, rigid walls loomed around them’, ‘A smell of rotten food wafted through the air’. Many children generated original and impressive noun and figurative phrases: ‘The colossal ship crashed wildly into the imposing, jagged rocks’, ‘Large, green vines twisted and turned like the walls of a maze’.

The children then carefully considered how to describe their characters. They used dictionaries and thesauri to discover new synonyms. They then included these as they built a picture of their character’s physical appearances and personalities.

Whilst planning the various stages of their adventure stories, (Opening, buildup/journey, problem, resolution and ending) the children ensured that they used the most powerful verbs and appropriate adverbs that they knew. During the editing process, many children were also able to improve conjunctions and sentence starters, often using interesting adverbial clauses to begin: ‘When they got used to their surroundings,..’ ‘One particular Monday morning,...’

The children’s stories ranged in plot and demonstrated their fantastic imaginations. When the children went on to read their stories to the rest of the class, their audiences were mesmerised by what they heard! From knights, Barons and Serfs, to talking animals from enchanted woods and sea serpents, all stories were highly entertaining and memorable.

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