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Year 3 research unusual animals

Year 3 research unusual animals

In our tutor time at the end of each day, 3KD have been finding out about unusual animals. We are working through the alphabet and each of the children has the opportunity to bring a suggested animal along with a fact. Through the shared screen we can all then look at the pictures.

Here our some of our favourites:


Amrmadillo ‘little armoured one’ in spanish. Armadillos are the only mammals that have a hard shell.


A bandicoot is a marsupial which means it carries its baby in a pouch, just like a kangaroo. They are much smaller though, about the size of a squirrel or rabbit.

Bottle-nosed dolphin:

They can be pink in colour! Pink dolphins live in the Amazon River. The children could not believe the colour and asked if they were real or made up. Luckily for us, Mrs Collins was on hand to tell us that she has actually seen them herself in her native Brazil.

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