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Year 3 at the Roald Dahl Museum

Year 3 at the Roald Dahl Museum

photo4-001Year 3 had a “splendiferous time” at the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre on Tuesday 9th June. We learnt lots about this “fantabulous” author and enjoyed plenty of hands-on activities. We finished with a Word Workshop where we became experts at creating “whipple-scrumptious” words.

Back at school we made “gloriumptious” newts, inspired by Matilda’s newt, and placed them in “phizz-whizzing” dream bottles. We hope you enjoy our “squiffling” facts:

"When he was a little boy Roald Dahl used to get his sisters to attach pillows around their stomachs and use them for target practice!"
Dominic H

"I did not know that in World War Two Roald Dahl was a fighter pilot. He flew hurricanes, tiger mouths and Gloucester gladiators."
Sam H

"We saw Roald Dahl’s actual false teeth. He had them taken out when he was 21 as it was the fashion at the time."
Talia F

"I didn’t know that Roald Dahl did all of his writing in a special writing hut."
Ryan M

photo5-001"Roald Dahl’s favourite chocolate bar was Kit Kat. He ate at least two bars a day and always rolled the wrappers into a metal ball."
Evie C

"Roald Dahl wrote his first book in 1942. It was called “Shot Down Over Libya”. In real life he was not shot down, he ran out of fuel!"
Ross M

"Roald Dahl suffered bad back pain after his air accident. He had both his hips replaced and kept the ball joint of one on the table in his writing hut."
Poppy G

"There was a special hole cut into the back of his writing chair – it made his back fit more comfortably."
Joss K

"Roald Dahl loved animals and was inspired by nature. He had dogs and 400 green parakeets."
Harry N

"Roald Dahl hated school and being told what to do. He got very bored and homesick. He was a prankster and once hid a dead mouse in a jar of sweets!"
Harvey C

"He kept a jar of spine trimmings on his table next to his writing chair."
Harriet K


"Danny the Champion of the World was Roald Dahl’s favourite book."
Charlie B

"It took Roald Dahl at least one year to write a book. He took 3 years to write Matilda."
Eleanor W

"He always wrote with special yellow pencils and on special yellow legal paper that he imported from America."
Thomas W

"Roald Dahl hated beards ever since he was forced to sit next to his (bearded!) Uncle Oscar when he was a boy. A lot of his baddies have beards. Can you name any?"
Josie G R

"Roald Dahl was very tall. He was 6ft 5 3/4 inches tall. After his air crash he shrank by 3 inches – still very tall though."
Charlie B

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