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Year 3 - Round and round we go

Year 3 - Round and round we go

This week Year 3 were given a Circle Challenge for Genius Hour. What is that I hear you say? First off you will need the following: Paper - plain is best but lined will be fine, a pencil, 6-8 circular items of different sizes e.g cups, jars, egg cups etc to draw round and lastly some colouring pencils, felt pens or crayons.

The object of the lesson was to create a range of different sized circles on the page and once that was done we had to turn each circle into a different object by using our imagination. How do we do that I hear you ask? Read on and you shall find out.

First we had to take one of the circular items and draw round it anywhere on the page. We had to then repeat the step with other circular items until we had 12 randomly placed circles on the page. Some of them could be the same size. Next we had to use our imagination to turn each circle into a different object, for example a wheel, a flower. Finally we had to outline the drawings in black felt tip pen to make them stand out. This challenge definitely made us think about all the circular objects that we see in our day to day lives.

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