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Year 3 set up a few exciting experiments

Year 3 set up a few exciting experiments

This week in science, we have been setting up the experiments that we planned last week. We are aiming to collect data that will provide evidence to confirm what we think flowering plants need in order to flourish. We have plants that are placed in soil, ice cream, mars bars and crisps. We will be observing to see whether or not they will continue to grow without soil. We have also used different sized pots to see if space affects growth and are watering the plants with water, coke, chocolate milk, with one not getting any water - this is setup to test if flowering plants really do need water to survive.

This is just a taste of the creative ways the children have come up with to test the conditions plants need in order to grow. The children will be monitoring their plants over the next few weeks so keep asking for updates!

Over the next few weeks the children will be learning about pollination. It would be great if, when you are out and about, you could encourage the children to look at the plants and flowers around them and discuss what they notice. Ask them questions like: What can you see? Are there any animals around? What are the animals doing? How do you think the plant/tree got there? If you are planning any garden over the bank holiday weekend - get the children involved!

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