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Year 3 have a splashing time in numeracy

Year 3 have a splashing time in numeracy

Mrs Kemp and Mrs Grosse's numeracy group have had a splashing time this week! For their work on capacity the children had to look at numerous containers and put them in order, starting with the container that they felt held the least amount of water working up to the container that held the most. Then the 'fun' began! The children used water to measure the true capacity of each container. Later they looked through their results to see how accurate their estimation had been. There was a lot of interesting discussion about the size and shape on the container and how this affects the capacity.

To help develop this work at home, you could look at containers and see if the capacity is written on them, then discuss whether it is litres or millilitres. Perhaps, the children could even have a go at changing the litres into millilitres! Any opportunities for the children to use measuring jugs and measure out liquids would also help them. If you happen to have measuring equipment with different scales on them, even better. Allow the children time to look at the scales and see if they can work out what the increments are.

We have been really impressed with how quickly and well the children have learnt their lines for the play. If you could continue going over them at home we would really appreciate it. If you have any questions about costumes please contact a member of the Year 3 team.

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