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Year 3 are captivated by the Ancient Greeks

Year 3 are captivated by the Ancient Greeks

Our new topic - The Ancient Greeks - has begun in earnest and the children are already captivated. As part of this, the children have used a cross curricular link between Maths and their topic. The task involved the children ordering significant Ancient Greek events. This may seem like a simple task but for many, bridging BC and AD on a timeline and therefore changing from the normal process of counting smallest to biggest to the opposite is a tricky concept.

To help the children’s understanding, they were encouraged to relate the task to a number line and the fact that the zero acts a bit like a line of symmetry, with the numbers reflected either side of the zero. This, coupled with the explanation of BC working towards ‘Year 0’ and AD working away, helped develop the children’s understanding.

Ask your children this weekend which Ancient Greek events they can remember and encourage them to think about what they may want to find out more about.

Have a great weekend.

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