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Year 3 start to look at Letter Writing and Healthy Eating

Year 3 start to look at Letter Writing and Healthy Eating

This week we have started to look at the genre of Letter Writing. We have looked at how the style of writing differs in formal and informal letters. We have also looked at the use and purpose of paragraphs. The children should know how to start a paragraph correctly and that it contains linked sentences.

We had a run-through of the Christmas play in Drama and were very impressed with the majority of children who had learnt their lines during half term. Some children, however, still need to work on memorising their part.

In Science we are starting our topic on healthy eating and our skeleton. At home, it would be helpful if you could show your children the nutritional content labels on some food products and discuss the food groups contained in their everyday diets.

Next week we will continue to look at letter writing and, in preparation for your children writing a formal letter, it would be brilliant if they could learn their address and postcode so they can use it on their letters. In addition, as a gentle reminder, Mrs Kemp will be hearing the poems next week. Thank you.

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