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Year 3 study the education system of the Ancient Greeks

Year 3 study the education system of the Ancient Greeks

As well as the continuing Take One Picture work, the children have been enjoying their studies of the Ancient Greeks in earnest this week. Greek education has been the focus, with the girls preferring the Spartan education system, learning to fistfight, over Athenian sewing and washing up! Whilst the boys opted for the Athenian knowledge over being sent to the Spartan barracks, where they may face regular beatings.

Having seen the Elgin Marbles for themselves at The British Musuem, the children took part in a debate about their ownership. The children had to work together as a group, taking arguments for and against the return of the Marbles to Greece, to try and decide on what they think should happen to the marbles. We are sure that the children will be more than happy to discuss this with you at home if you ask them.

Rehearsals are well under way for our production. We would ask that you continue to go over your child's lines with them. If all children know their lines by heart, it means that we can use rehearsal time to work on staging, actions and expression. Thanks you for your continued support with this.

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