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Year 3 study 'Forces' during Science Day

Year 3 study 'Forces' during Science Day

Today is Science day with a theme of ‘Forces’ and the Year 3 children began the day with an exciting rocket activity delivered by a real life rocket scientist - Mr Borgeson. He taught them Newton’s Law: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction (in case any of you have forgotten it). Rockets use this idea when launching. The children were able to see how different volumes of fuel affect flight and were even allowed to launch some rockets themselves! They were fascinated by the activity and would like to thank Mr Borgeson for giving up his time to help them learn.

In the classroom, the children built trebuchets to examine how levers increase propulsion, made aeroplanes to look at aerodynamics and built and tested boats for buoyancy. The children have all had a lovely day investigating forces. The Launchpad at the Science Museum would be an interesting place to develop the children’s understanding further.

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