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Year 3 study traditional tales from the Caribbean

Year 3 study traditional tales from the Caribbean

In English lessons this week, Year 3 have been studying traditional tales from the Caribbean. The children have enjoyed reading ‘The Tortoise who Wanted to Fly’ and ‘Anansi the Spider-Man’. Activities have included sequencing stories and completing comprehension tasks. These activities have deepened the children’s understanding of the plots and have additionally helped them to develop their deduction and inference skills. The children have also enjoyed re-enacting parts of the stories during role play sessions. This has enabled them to relate to the quest of the main characters and understand the morals of the stories.

Throughout the course of this unit, the grammar focus has been on punctuating speech effectively. The children imagined conversations between the ‘Caribbean stories’ characters and worked hard to transfer speech bubble sentences to securely punctuated text. The children then applied this skill when writing their own endings to ‘The Tortoise who wanted to fly’.

The children understand that for hundreds of years inhabitants of the Caribbean islands would enjoy sharing tales with their families without necessarily reading or writing them. At home, your child may wish to practise some oral story-telling to their very own family audience!

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