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Year 3 - The Great Conker Championship begins

Year 3 - The Great Conker Championship begins

It started with a trickle of conkers coming in. Eyes were widened. Children would call with exclamations of ‘Oooo, that’s a huge one!’. Suddenly a year 3 competition was spontaneously born: Who could bring in the largest Conker?’

Conkers were brought in and labelled and compared. Teachers changed schemes of work to delve further into this clear learning opportunity. We learnt about the history and game of conkers in our English lessons, looking at the features of instructions before writing our own. We discussed how to create our champion conkers to be tournament ready in our Art and Design Technology time. Mrs Knight, very kindly took us through the practicalities of drilling a hole safely into a conker. Many oos and ahh could be heard as we prepared our conkers. Discussions on how people cheat had to be laid down too. No cooking. No clear varnish. No pickling in vinegar, please. Finally, we strung up our conkers with further tips and tricks from Mrs Knight.

Additionally, we will be filming the competition ready to edit together our own Gateway Conker Conqueror TV show in our computing lessons after half term.

Look out to see who will be crowned winner of the first Gateway conker crown!

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