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Year 3 think about which material muffles sound the most

Year 3 think about which material muffles sound the most

Which material muffles sound the most? This is the questions that the have children devised for our next science experiment. The children have thought carefully about the variables that they are going to change and those that they are going to keep the same. A big focus for this experiment is recording. The children have had to decide how they are going to record their findings.
Next week the children will be carrying out the experiment that they have devised and recording their findings carefully. I wonder if their predictions will be correct?

To support our science topic at home you could be discussing the different sounds that you hear, encouraging the children to think about the pitch and volume of the sound and whether there is anything affecting the sound. Has it had to pass through anything? Will that have made the sound louder or quieter?

The children are really enthused by our Ancient Greek topic and are busy preparing for their trip to the British Museum on Tuesday 7th February.

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