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Year 3 use their senses to write poetry

Year 3 use their senses to write poetry

In Year 3 this week the children have been using their senses to write poetry. This work has culminated in them writing poems about pineapples, inspired by the poem 'Pineapple' by Vyanne Samuels. The children were given a mystery bag and asked to feel the item inside and think of words to describe what they could feel. They came up with words like smooth, bristly and rough. They were then able to see the pineapple and had to think about what it looked like. Most children's favourite sense to explore was taste. They enjoyed tucking into the pineapple and thinking about how best to describe the sweet, juicy fruit. All of this preparation was then used to help the children write their own Pineapple poem. Vyanne Samuel's poem contains lots of alliteration and so the children had to use this in their poems too. You can support this work at home by getting your children to describe things that they see, hear, taste, touch and smell using alliteration.

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