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Year 3 visit the British Museum

Year 3 visit the British Museum

The children enjoyed a very cultural day on Tuesday at The British Museum in London. They visited ‘The Parthenon Galleries’ to find out more about ‘The Elgin Marbles’ which they had seen in pictures at school. The size and scale of the stones overwhelmed them -”I had no idea that they would be this big,” Macey.

The children used tablets to investigate the life of Athene and had to answer questions, find specific pieces of the marbles and match images. They liked the freedom they were given to explore independently and we were complimented for their mature and respectful conduct.

After lunch we visited the pot galleries to learn more about how primary sources can give us valuable information about the past. We found pots of such different sizes and uses and all decorated in the same black and red paint. The children asked interesting questions and took time to read the descriptions and interpret the evidence for themselves.

The size of the Greek pillars outside the museum amazed them and they worked out that it would take 16 children standing shoulder to shoulder to cover the circumference!

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