Year 3 visit to Woodrow | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 3 visit to Woodrow

Year 3 visit to Woodrow

What a beautiful day for the first trip for Year 3 ! The sun shone brightly and the children had a fabulous day.

A variety of activities took place throughout the day which challenged them physically and mentallly. These included low ropes, orienteering, team exercises, the nightline and crossing the ‘Bridge of Doom’

The children learnt the importance of working together to solve problems by listening to each other's ideas, trusting each other and supporting their team members both physically and with words of encouragement.

‘I trusted Amy because she was at the front of the line. Harry guided me and told me exactly what to do so I didn't get hurt’ - Hadleigh

‘I liked it when we had to work together to get a ball into a cup’ - Phoebe

We needed to work together to complete tasks, we had four tyres ad we all had to get to the end. We listened to other people's ideas and tried them out one by one’ - Ashley

In English, this week, we have been concentrating on using adjectives in groups of three in our descriptive writing.These are some of the groups of adjectives the children used to describe their trip to Woodrow !

‘Cool, amazing, incredible’ - Kai

‘Fun, exciting, beautiful’ - Jemima

‘Amazing, awesome, fun’ - Eddie

‘Fun, good, great’ - Alexander Freeman

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