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Year 3 welcome the arrival of freshly hatched chicks

Year 3 welcome the arrival of freshly hatched chicks

It has been such an exciting week in 3KG! After twenty-one long days, the chicks have begun to hatch and after eight longer weeks some of the tadpoles have finally turned into toads! The children have listened in awe at, either the loud chirping or the faint tapping coming from inside the eggs. They have watched in wonder at the slowly cracking eggs and witnessed the effort that is needed for the chick to chip away at its shelled prison. With held breath, (followed by squeals of delight) they have marvelled at the final push which releases the tiny, wet and exhausted scrap of skin into the incubator. Click here to see more photos.

The chicks are currently running around in their classroom pen making delightful noises while the minute toads hop from shell to shell in their substitute pond. A week that will live long in the children’s memories!

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