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Year 3 - what’s the time Mr Wolf?

Year 3 - what’s the time Mr Wolf?

With the start of the New Year it seemed an opportune time to learn about time!

We first looked at months and days in a year discovering that a leap year happens every four years and the extra day means that your birthday moves on an extra day in a leap year.

We also learnt the knuckle trick to remind ourselves which days of the month have 30 days and which have 31 (with February being the exception to the rule).

Ask your children to teach you!

Next, we looked at telling the time to first, the nearest five minutes and then the nearest minute and we discussed the difference between analogue clocks and digital clocks and where we might find them.

Thank you to all parents for all your help and support this week, it makes our job a lot easier! All the children have been amazing! We have seen some fabulous work and the children have engaged well with their online learning.

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