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Year 3 - Wonderful Windsor

Year 3 - Wonderful Windsor

After weeks and months of learning, reading, drawing, talking and dreaming about castles, we finally managed to visit one. Of course, it wasn’t any old castle. It is the oldest inhabited castle in the entire world (pause for students to gasp) and it was inhabited by the Queen on the very day we arrived!

Yes, the whole of Year 3 visited Windsor Castle last Thursday with much wonder and excitement. The day was jam packed with many learning opportunities. We had the opportunity to wear replicas of Henry VIII’s armour, hold pikes, spears, maces, daggers safely… everything a Year 3 loves. We asked the tour guides difficult questions around the State Apartments and stood in awe at the amount of gold leaf and restoration efforts. We looked carefully at the grave of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn under our very feet in St George’s Chapel. We marvelled at the crenellations, arrow slits, motte and infamous murder holes.

The grand finale was everyone’s favourite part: the changing of the guard. There was just the right amount of shouting and marching that Year 3 haven’t stopped marching in line since.

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