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Year 3 work on their storytelling skills

Year 3 work on their storytelling skills

Year 3 bYear 3 had a fabulous day on Wednesday when Chip spent the day with us working on our storytelling skills. Everyone was gripped by his animated telling of an Anansi story explaining how stories came to the world. Back in individual classes, Chip demonstrated to the children how to engage the listener when telling stories. He focussed on: using gestures, using the tone of your voice and, above all, eye contact with the audience. After a few lively rounds of the “Armadillo Race” everyone was enthused and ready to get started on using their skills. In groups the children developed a story from their chosen story starters, provided by Chip, focusing on how story tricksters used the weaknesses of their victims to get their own way. In the afternoon, after a very short rehearsal!, a storytelling bazaar was set up in Great Missenden Hall and the Year 3 parents were entertained with our stories delivered in true “theatrical” style. Great fun was had by, with lots of brilliant skills learnt for future performances. During the day the children made colourful Mardi Gras masks which added to the effect of their performances.

Next week we will be looking at more Caribbean stories and looking at how narrative can be adapted into play scripts. As a team we are looking forward to our consultations next week to update you on your child's progress and next steps to learning.

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