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Year 3 - World Book Day

Year 3 - World Book Day

Like the rest of the country and Gateway School, Year 3 celebrated World Book Day last week. The children were encouraged to dress up in their favourite book character and as usual they did not disappoint. From Flat Stanley to Hermione the children, and their parents, made a fantastic effort.

We started the day by reading a book and what better way than to start with a classic - Fantastic Mr Fox. As Gateway actually celebrated on the Friday that school was closed, the children were given a variety of activities that they could choose from and then independently complete. There were activities such as making glove puppets to retell your favourite story; creating your own marvellous medicine like George did; creating a map of your favourite book showing where important parts of the story happen, and how the characters travel to get there and my personal favourite the Great British Book Bake Off in which children could bake a cake inspired by their favourite book. So as you can see the activities were fantastic and creative and from what was shown the children had a brilliant day.

The children were also given a World Book Day Challenge which entailed them taking on a number of book related challenges and taking a photograph for evidence. They could read to someone older or younger themselves or even their pet; read in an outside space; read a book with a one world title or a book with a colour in the title; redesign the cover of their favourite book or create a superhero or monster for their own adventure story. This challenge ends on Thursday 26th March so the children still have two weeks to complete as many of the challenges as they can.

All in all the children immersed themselves in book related activities and discovered the wonderful and magical world of words.

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