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Year 3s are on osprey watch

Year 3s are on osprey watch

We have been fascinated by the magnificent ospreys nesting up in Loch Arkaig in Scotland. The first chick hatched on May 29th and we have been keeping a close eye on them ever since. Mrs Kemp has the live cam loaded all day and even though we can’t always see them, we can hear them in the background to our lessons. We are beginning to recognise what some of the different sounds mean and we can now tell when dad brings back a lovely tasty fish because the three osplets chirp in excitement. We also know when the largest chick begins an argument with its siblings -it can be very unkind to them!

We have used the Woodland Trust website to find out about the complicated and difficult task of putting the camera on position. You can find out here.

We enjoyed finding out about how other birds nest, making our own osprey masks, using egg shells to grow our own seeds and are now looking forward to the hatching of our own chicks (not ospreys I’m afraid) which are incubating safely with Mr Dyson at Holly Green Farm.

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