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Year 3’s trip to the British Museum

Year 3’s trip to the British Museum

Year 3 British Museum 18

On Monday 12th May, children from Year 3 enjoyed a visit to the British Museum, to see the Greek collections. The aim of the trip was to understand that primary sources such as the Elgin Marbles, vases and plates can give us lots of information about what life was like in Ancient Greece.

We were amazed by the size of the Elgin Marbles and enjoyed the freedom to explore them independently, using learning missions. The children found out which gods were represented on the marbles, how many different animals were on the pots and investigated the different sizes and shapes of the pots.

During their workshop, the children discussed the uses of a number of Greek artefacts. In groups, they explored the different resources needed to determine what an object was for and by whom it would have been used.

Everyone had a truly awe inspiring day; from spotting examples of Greek columns on the Marylebone Road to standing beneath the ionic columns of the British Museum.

Read some comments from Year 3 below:

“I liked looking at all the pottery because it had lots of stories and Greek myths.” Rafe

“I liked the statues of the gods because I enjoyed learning about them.” Timo

“We got to see all of the gods and my favourite god was Athena.” Shreeya

“I liked going in the Education room because I liked trying to recognise the story on the pot.” Thomas

“I liked looking at all of the carvings because they told a story and we found a Centaur.” Jemma

“I liked seeing the Centaurs on the carving because they were half-horse and half-man.” Marcus M

“I liked the Education room because I liked using the clues like an archaeologist to find out what our object was.” Marcus H

“I really liked finding out about everyday life and I liked knowing everyone’s jobs.” Felix

“I liked seeing the carvings and the columns. We mostly saw Doric columns and they were huge.” Maria

“I really liked looking at the Elgin Marbles because I thought they were interesting. They each had a different part of the story.” Ella

“I liked going into the Education room because we got to touch some Greek artefacts which was fun.” Noah

“I enjoyed looking at the carvings made of marble because some bits were missing so you had to guess what it would have looked like.” Amber

View photos of Year 3’s trip to the British Museum.

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