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Year 4 become budding journalists

Year 4 become budding journalists

This week, Year 4 have started to look at the features of newspapers and newspaper reports. We’ve investigated how journalists research and write newspaper articles and started to plan and write our own. First, we looked at the way headlines are used and the different techniques used to grab the readers’ attention. We had a go at writing headlines in different styles, using alliteration, rhyme and word play, as well as recognising the need for serious headlines in some reports. After reading an article about the deadly earthquake in Nepal in 2015, Year 4 are beginning to write their own. 4ZA held a ‘Press Conference’, questioning Ms Atkins about the earthquake in Chile in 2010 and her experience of it. They have started to use this information to write a newspaper article giving the facts, with real eye-witness accounts.

The teachers all enjoyed hearing the children’s Red Nose Day haikus this week, as well as see the colourful and fun hair styles the children were sporting this morning. Red Noses have proved very popular this week too!

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