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Year 4 - Bones, bones and more bones!

Year 4 - Bones, bones and more bones!

Year 4 became osteologists in our science lesson this week and had to use their previous knowledge of the human body in order to complete the skeleton tasks. The first task was for the children to draw around each other without covering themselves and the person being drawn in chalk. This seemed quite a challenge and we had some very funny shaped outlines at the end of it!

The next task was to draw the bones that make up the skeleton inside the outline. Lots of the children placed the skull, ribcage and knee caps in the correct places. Some children even used their scientific names such as; cranium and patella. We had some fantastic questions about why the bones were placed in certain positions and how they can protect us. We have some budding Doctors in Year 4 with fantastic anatomical knowledge.

The fact that shocked us the most was that the hand is made up of 27 bones! How many do you think are in the foot?

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