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Year 4 consider their calculations carefully

Year 4 consider their calculations carefully

Over the past two weeks, Year 4 have been developing efficient written methods for addition and subtraction. We have worked hard to ensure accuracy when using the column method, especially when carrying is needed for adding, and stealing is required for subtraction. This week, Mrs Folker’s group have been working hard to use these methods to help solve word problems. As well as honing their calculation skills, Mr Wallace’s maths class have been focussing on time. Having recapped the differences between the analogue and digital clocks, the children then turned their attention to am and pm times. Next week, they will tackle the 24 hour clock.

Miss Crangles’ group have really enjoyed putting their number skills to the test in a ‘Countdown’ style warm up, complete with the well known music! The aim of this game is to use the given numbers to get as close to the target number as possible. However, you may only use each number once and have to record working out clearly, in order to explain your method. This is a fun way of developing mental maths strategies and helps the children to understand that there may be several possible approaches. Yesterday, we put our multiplication to the test to come up with a solution to the tricky problem shown in our photo. The children showed great perseverance and recorded their working out, to prove that the products of each row and column were correct.

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