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Year 4 create circuits and consider conductors

Year 4 create circuits and consider conductors

In Science this week, Year 4 thought carefully about the equipment they would need to create a simple electrical circuit. Working in pairs, the children tested out their ideas and then learnt how to draw a diagram, using scientific symbols to represent the different components. Next, they experimented by finding different ways to break the circuit so that the bulb was no longer lit. Some challenged themselves further and found ways of reconnecting their circuit once a wire had been removed. To complete the circuit again, they had to use an object that could be found in the classroom. This sparked an interesting discussion about materials which allow electricity to pass through them (conductors) and those which do not (insulators). We will be investigating this in more depth over the coming weeks, as well as adding buzzers and motors to our circuits!

The children have also been very active this week, participating in the swimming gala and sports day. Year 4 would like to thank the PE department for organising these two great events and we hope you enjoyed spectating too!

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