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Year 4 create volcano poems using figurative language

Year 4 create volcano poems using figurative language

This week in English, we have focused on poetry and we have been learning about poems that use figurative language to create imagery. This includes using personification (where something that is not human is given a human action, trait or emotion), metaphors, similes, alliteration and onomatopoeia (where a word mimics the sound it is describing). We explored a poem called The River by Valerie Bloom. From this, we studied the structure of the poem and its language so that we were able to write a poem about a volcano but in the style of The River poem. Here are some stanzas that we created:

The volcano’s a monster,

Roaring with rage,

Even if you lock him up,

He’ll break through any cage.

The volcano's a betrayer,

Spitting secrets out,

He gives a mighty, giant roar,

Don’t ever trust his deadly lava spout.

The volcano’s a giant,

Devouring innocent souls,

Draining life after life,

It never gets old.

The volcano’s a traitor,

A betrayer, a thief,

He always surprises,

Hitting from above, never beneath.

The volcano’s a beast,

He’ll take with you with his claws,

He will try to catch you,

In his monstrous jaws.

The volcano’s a fighter,

He will fight to the death,

His lungs are filled with smoke,

With ash pouring out his breath.

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