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Year 4 create some wonderful descriptions of imaginary worlds

Year 4 create some wonderful descriptions of imaginary worlds

We’ve read extracts from The Hobbit and Harry Potter this week to help us learn about how writers create imaginary worlds using excellent description and all of our senses. We started off looking at how we can build sentences, using interesting and adventurous adjectives, as well as powerful verbs to describe characters. After reading Tolkien’s description of Rivendell, the children found it surprisingly easy to draw what he had described due to his fantastic description, which created a clear image in their minds. Reading J.K.Rowling’s description of a classroom from ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’, we investigated how writers use different senses to describe settings. Using a picture from a fantasy world, the children decided whether they thought the picture was calming or frightening and used all of their skills learned over the past week to write their descriptions. Some of these include:

‘Inside the colossal cave, was an enchanted forest. Among the dark, towering trees were bursts of emerald green light, blazing like a fire.’ Will T

‘A fire was crackling, making a sickly, smokey smell rise up into the evening air.’ Zoe
‘In the distance, there was a deep blue waterfall which danced elegantly as it flowed into the shimmering lake.’ Ronnie
We’ll be using these ideas to build on skills to write stories set in imaginary worlds.

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