Year 4 - Data Detectives | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 4 - Data Detectives

Year 4 - Data Detectives

Year 4 have become data detectives and have had the difficult task of reading and interpreting pictograms and bar and line graphs. Pictograms are used to represent numbers and can make survey results look interesting and easy to understand. The children excellently showed an understanding of pictograms and were able to identify the key features, such as; a title, a key showing the value of each picture represented and the survey results.

As the children became more familiar with using pictograms, they were able to create their own survey based on a topic of their choice. Once they had decided on a topic, the children showed enjoyment when asking their classmates ‘What is your favourite colour?’ and ‘Who is your favourite footballer?’ They then collected their findings and were able to put their results into a pictogram using a key of their choice.

It was fantastic to see Year 4 showing such enthusiasm when collecting their results and making the connection between a pictogram and a bar graph. They were able to create their own bar graphs including; an accurate axis scale, a relevant title and similar size bars.

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