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Year 4 - digging deeper into rainforests of the world

Year 4 - digging deeper into rainforests of the world

Year 4 have wasted no time exploring different features of rainforests this week.

In English, we have been looking features of information texts and how they differ to other types of literature we might read. We became teams of editors, working together to discuss how differences in layout can have varying impacts on the reader of a report on rainforests.

In our Topic lessons, we explored the city of Manaus and were surprised to learn about a city which is in the centre of the world's largest rainforest - the Amazon! We discussed why, in 2014, the manager of the English men's football team was apprehensive about his team playing there, which led to an investigation into the amount of rainfall in London compared with Manaus across a year. We presented our findings in bar charts.

Lastly, in drama, we created a story to represent the effect deforestation is having on the world’s rainforests. The children showed empathy and understanding through their ideas and we all agreed that, by planting more trees than are being logged, we could help prevent a devastating loss of life.

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