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Year 4 discuss favourite books and characters

Year 4 discuss favourite books and characters

First of all, well done to Year 4 for their excellent efforts with costumes and props for our 2017 World Book Day, based on the books of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. We all enjoyed talking about our favourite books and characters!

Today the children have been busy planning their own book, to be written in the style of ‘Charlie Cook’s favourite book’. In the original book, Charlie Cook is reading a book about a pirate captain, who finds a book about Goldilocks, who steals a book about a knight’s quest,..and so on. The book follows each character reading a different kind of book and each page is a mini adventure, where there are more stories and characters to discover. Finally, the story ends up back with Charlie Cook and his favourite book, where he reads to the characters from the other tales.

Working in groups, Year 4 are creating their very own version of A Miss or Mr Cook’s favourite book! First, each child chose a genre for their page and thought of a suitable character. The children then had to use their teamwork skills to work out how these stories would all link together. Some of us have even started to write our page, using rhyming in the style of Julia Donaldson. We hope to be able to present these books at our open day next Saturday!

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