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Year 4 - down on the farm (virtually)

Year 4 - down on the farm (virtually)

This week it was down on the farm for Year 4, more precisely Mr Dyson's farm at Holly Green Farm. The pupils were treated to a virtual online tour and found out about the special collars the cows wear that have a transponder in them, a bit like a bovine fitbit. This transponder sends data about each cow's health and whether she has eaten enough food for the day and how much she's been lying down . If anything is wrong with a particular cow then the farmer gets an alert on his phone. Mr Dyson explained that the cows don't have names but they do have numbers.The children chose a cow and then looked at the tracking info to see where she was on the farm.

Did you know that cows have four stomachs but it's from the rumen where they burp up some food to chew it again? This is called chewing the cud.

Mr Dyson is hoping that we can visit the farm in person again in the summer.

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