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Year 4 - what a dramatic week we've had

Year 4 - what a dramatic week we've had

This week in Year 4 we have started to explore stories from different cultures.Our first story is The Wings of the Butterfly which is a tale from the Amazon Rainforest. We have been looking at the features which tell us the story comes from a culture different from our own. In order to gain a deeper understanding we devised portrayals,in groups, before sharing them with the rest of the class. Woodpeckers, butterflies and even jaguars were visible roaming around our classrooms!

We have also been busy rehearsing our poems for House Poetry and have witnessed some engaging and entertaining recitals. There are clearly some budding Thespians within our year group and we look forward to beginning rehearsals for our Christmas production where we can further develop the children’s confidence and dramatic skills.

Friday sees our food tasting lesson,which has created much excitement! The children will try different exotic fruits found in the Rainforest. Hopefully they will find a new fruit they will like although we have been told by a reliable source that the Dragon fruit is rather bland.

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