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Year 4 elaborate on their explanations of eccentric machines!

Year 4 elaborate on their explanations of eccentric machines!

In English, Year 4 have been learning all about the features and organisation of explanation texts. After looking at a range of examples, the children noticed that these are written in the third person, in the present tense and are organised into clear sections using questions as sub-headings. They discovered that these texts use a range of causal conjunctions to explain why and how (e.g because, so, therefore, consequently, as a result). They also found that time conjunctions may be included to order a process clearly (e.g firstly, after that, meanwhile). Next, the children came up with their own imaginative idea for a new machine, writing an explanation of who might use it and how it works. We had some great inventions, including the Lucky Love Translator, The Timey Chimey Traveller and The Growth Ray 3000, to name a few!

This links well with our topic, where the children are putting their explanation skills to the test as they explain the different movements of Earth’s tectonic plates, using a combination of text and diagrams. We are also looking forward to creating our own booklets all about volcanoes!

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