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Year 4 enjoy exploring ‘The Shaman’s Apprentice’

Year 4 enjoy exploring ‘The Shaman’s Apprentice’

The children have had a busy start to the year and they are quickly settling into the new routines of Year 4. In the first week, the classrooms transformed into rainforests as the children took a sensory trip down the Amazon river. This topic lesson proved great fun and provided the children with the chance to fully immerse themselves in our new topic for the term. Following this, we enjoyed reading and discussing a stimulating story called ‘The Shaman’s Apprentice’, which is set in the Amazon rainforest. First, we used the beautiful pictures in the book to make some predictions and discuss what we thought the story might be about. When we actually read the story, everyone was keen to see if their predictions were correct. The story also provided lots of opportunities for thought-provoking discussions about differences in lifestyles and beliefs, as well as treating the rainforest and other cultures with respect. Finally, we wrote diary entries as the main character, Kamanya, including thoughts and powerful feelings words.

We are now looking forward to our trip to Kew Gardens next Friday, where we will discover lots about rainforest plants and their adaptations. Please can the children remember to wear their PE kit and bring a waterproof coat, packed lunch and water bottle for this trip. Thank you!

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