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Year 4 explore bones

Year 4 explore bones

Another exciting week starting with science and exploration of bones. The children contemplated the different bones they knew and where they were in the body. Then they drew round a volunteer in their group and tried to work out what the skeleton looked like inside these templates. Some very interesting skeletons were thought of! After a quick perusal of the others’ ideas the children realised that bones are of different shapes and sizes; they then made accurate card skeletons to hang across the classroom. What was really lovely to see was how animated the children were, and the following day they were full of interesting facts they had found out. Different bones were brought in as well, including a whale bone and baboon’s skull which provided much wonderment as they were shown to the class.

In English, the children have been introduced to Anglo-Saxon riddles (Kennings) and after studying their structure they have written poems about Viking weapons. Some imaginative (and gruesome) phrases were thought of:

skull splitter

heavy chopper

body protector

soul defender

sharp stabber

merciless thruster

heartless killer

weighty guarder

steely murderer

are a few 4EH suggested. They could certainly compete with the Anglo-Saxons’ descriptions of Grendel in the story ‘Beowulf’!

It is ESB full steam ahead now. Please could you ensure your child has their poem, book and object with prompts in school on Monday, and that they practise with you each day. Their exam is on either Wednesday or Friday next week.

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