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Year 4 - Explore different cultures

Year 4 - Explore different cultures

This week, Year 4 have immersed themselves in other cultures across different lessons. We began by exploring the life of a child living in the rainforest, using photographs as sources of evidence and discussing how our lives in the UK are different to those who live on other continents, like South America.

In English lessons, we are focusing on the story, ‘The Wings of a Butterfly’, which is set in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. We used our retrieval skills to find evidence in the text that indicated that the story is based in another culture. This included the names used, the food that was available and the animals mentioned in the story.

In order for the children to fully understand the story and the concept of living in the rainforest, we sequenced the key events and created story maps. By doing this, the children were able to create a visual representation of the main events, which will support them with retelling the story in the future.

The children have really enjoyed exploring life in other cultures and comparing them to our own.

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