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Year 4 explore the Natural History Museum - a recount by Luke Cooper

Year 4 explore the Natural History Museum - a recount by Luke Cooper

On Wednesday 1 February, Year 4 went on a trip to the Natural History Museum in London, to learn about natural disasters.

The feeling on the bus was ecstatic! Everybody was excited about arriving at the museum. The first exhibit we went to was the ‘Volcano and Earthquake’ centre, where there was an earthquake simulator. There was also a heat proof suit, it was silver and really shiny. When we went into the simulator it felt like we were on a boat, which was kind of creepy. There was also a map of the latest earthquakes and an interactive earthquake maker. We also saw some obsidian, it was very shiny in an odd way.

After lunch, we went to the space area, where there was information about the solar system, as well as a model of the earth’s core, mantle and crust. Next, we went into ‘Earth’s Treasury’ where we found diamonds and rubies. I was fascinated by the gems. Finally, we saw different types of rock formations. Their names were metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary.

My favourite exhibits were the pillow lava because it looked like a pillow, the ash (highly poisonous) and I also liked the figures of Pompeii. They were kind of creepy. As well as these, the lava bomb was interesting. It flies out of the volcano like a bomb - now you get its name! Last but not least, super volcanoes. Nobody has ever seen or taken a picture of one. Some scientists think it is what caused the dinosaurs to become extinct. BE CAREFUL AROUND NATURAL DISASTERS.

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