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Year 4 - Exploring volcanoes

Year 4 - Exploring volcanoes

Welcome back Year 4 and what a super start we have had to the final half of the Autumn Term; with our whole school project about having a ‘can do’ attitude and making our volcanoes, it’s already set to be a roller-coaster ride to Christmas!

Let’s not forget that as well as curriculum learning we will also be performing our Christmas production of ‘The Bethlehem Ballroom’ so please come along and bring your dancing shoes to join in the fun!

In English, this term we will be looking closely at the key features required for the journalistic writing of a newspaper report. We will be transporting ourselves to Pompeii to report on the devastating impact that the eruption of Mount Vesuvius had on the innocent inhabitants of this notorious Italian City.

We have kick-started the term, going back to the Eurasian period by learning about the value of Roman Numerals to support our understanding of place value from last term. Year 4 has thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of converting the Arabic number system into Roman Numerals; and they’re pretty proficient already! Throughout the course of this term, we will consolidate our knowledge of the number system with a key focus on multiplication and division. So, Year 4, get ready to improve your times tables by practising TTRS as this will definitely have an impact on your multiplication recall.

Now that we have made our volcanoes, we will be exploring the different states of a volcano as part of our Science and Topic lessons; and yes, we will also demonstrate how to create a real-life volcanic eruption using one of the models we created.

We will also be learning about the ‘Ring of Fire’ and visiting the Natural History Museum to support our knowledge and understanding of our ‘Natural Disasters’ topic.

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