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Year 4 finish writing their adventure stories

Year 4 finish writing their adventure stories

This week, the children have completed writing their adventure stories set in imaginary worlds. We were really impressed with the imaginative ideas and the detailed description used to help the reader visualise where the adventure lead to.

A mysterious wardrobe. A dangerous object, A dastardly villain. Will Noah be able to fulfil the call of duty? Or will he fall powerless to evil rule? Time to find out!

In this weird and wacky world, the legend Emily travels to another dimension through an Ikea wardrobe. Will our hero survive the world of bossy diamond wolves and inhuman Ikea workers?

In this incredible adventure, Beth travels to the ancient world of cloudiness contained in a thousand year old wooden wardrobe. Will our heroic hero survive? Or will she fall to her doom?

When Harry's brother mysteriously disappears, his life is turned upside down. But when Harry enters a wardrobe at his grandma's house, no one could predict what would happen...

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