Year 4 focus on volcanoes | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 4 focus on volcanoes

Year 4 focus on volcanoes

This week, Year 4 have explored volcanoes even further by using their maps skills and geographical knowledge. Building on our understanding that the crust (the earth’s rocky outermost layer) is split into plates (a bit like a jigsaw) which are floating on liquid magma, we started to think about where we might find volcanoes in the world.

Some people thought volcanoes could be found all over the world, because they knew volcanoes which are located in different climate zones. Other people thought they couldn’t be found worldwide, citing the fact that they didn’t know of any active volcanoes in our country.

We decided to look at some maps of countries which had many volcanoes, leading us to discover the “Ring of Fire” - a horseshoe-shaped area where 75% of the world’s volcanoes are found. Some of us even looked at the top ten largest volcanoes in the world and labelled these on our maps. We’re looking forward to using what we’ve found out in our explanation booklets which we will be making next week.

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