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Year 4 get into role as a Graham!

Year 4 get into role as a Graham!

A wide range of intriguing questions were generated when Year 4 first saw the painting, ‘The Graham Children,’ chosen for our 2017 ‘Take One Picture’ week. These gave us a great stimulus, providing many cross curricular learning opportunities.

Researching the Georgian era and Graham family gave us an interesting insight into the lives of these children, which we compared to our own. We then used this knowledge to write a letter in role as one of the Graham children, to be added to a time capsule and sent to a child of the future. We included an introduction to our family, a brief description of our home, clothes and schooling, as well as an explanation of our favourite hobbies, games and foods.

As the family lived in Pall Mall, we were fascinated to discover geographical similarities and differences between the London of 1742 and today. This also got us thinking about the purpose of different maps, their varying styles and how this has changed over time.
In maths we have been using coordinates to select specific areas of the painting. We also enjoyed using the mathematical language of position and direction to give a friend instructions to find a secret trap door in the painting! This involved calculating different angles and using the eight compass points.
When our ‘Take One Picture’ project is complete, we are sure the children will enjoy sharing their work with you at our open day. We look forward to seeing you there on the 11th of March!

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