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Year 4 - Get their muscles moving!

Year 4 - Get their muscles moving!

In our Science lessons this week we began to investigate muscles in the human body. We found out that all bones have muscles connected to them and it is these muscles that move the bones. Did you know that it uses more muscles to frown than it does to smile?! We also discovered that muscles work in pairs and while one muscle is contracting (pulling), the other is relaxing. When we lifted our forearms up and down, we were able to feel our bicep and tricep muscles working. As we raised our lower arm, we felt our bicep muscle contracting (becoming shorter, fatter and firmer) while our tricep muscle relaxed (becoming longer and thinner). If we lowered our forearm, the opposite was true. We also made models using card and string to demonstrate this process and help us to explain it.

We are now looking forward to designing our own science investigations related to bones and muscles in the coming weeks!

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