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Year 4 have a great day out at Holly Green Farm

Year 4 have a great day out at Holly Green Farm

A fantastic day was experienced by all Year 4s at Holly Green Farm. Three contrasting habitats were selected in order to investigate the organisms found living there. The habitats chosen were: pond, woodland, and a maize field.
The pond was teeming with fascinating creatures to study and identify, and the children were thrilled and amazed with their discoveries..

‘I really enjoyed the pond dipping and I found a water scorpion who I named Geoff’ Olivia P

The Woodlands provided the children with a wealth of opportunities to increase their knowledge of minibeasts and their habitats. The children carried out tree rubbings, identified micro-habitats and enjoyed using the ‘bugnoculars’ to examine mini-beasts close up!

‘We caught a toad although he got very nervous about being in a pot! He was much happier when he was returned to a shady, damp log’ Tillie

Armed with rulers and clipboards, the children carried out an examination of growing plants in the maize field. Using the knowledge gained from our data collection, we were then able to explain why many plants in the rainforest grow tall and thin in order to compete for the sunlight.

‘The plants were so tall - it was amazing!’ Fraser

A fun-packed and informative day was had by all and Mrs Kemp, Mr Wallace, Mrs Taylor, Miss Crangles, Mrs Bhatti and Mrs Kiani know the children have a wealth of information to share back in the classroom.

At home
We would love you to encourage the children to explore their garden to see if they can identify microhabitats and the mini-beasts that can be found living there. The children have been given a recording sheet for homework.

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