Year 4 - Haikus | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 4 - Haikus

Year 4 - Haikus

This week, Year 4 have learned about Haikus and written some of their own!

A haiku is a form of poetry that originated in Japan and follows a specific syllabic structure. This means that each line must have a specific number of syllables. Haikus are short, with only three lines in each poem, but they are often powerful because they use imagery and figurative language.

We practised writing haikus using different types of natural disasters as our inspiration. We had lots of fun creating these poems and would like to share some of our haikus with you. Can you guess which natural disaster each one refers to?

We hope you enjoy reading them!

Gigantic tower

Unexpected disaster

Destructive water

Trees are burning down

Red hot flames leaping skywards

With destructive force

The huge waves crash down

Like the roar of a lion

Demolishing all!

Shaking, scrambling

Land is breaking, crumbling

Fearsome dancing earth

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