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Year 4 immerse themselves in ‘Take One Picture’ week

Year 4 immerse themselves in ‘Take One Picture’ week

This week, Year 4 have enjoyed many cross curricular activities related to George Bellows’ painting titled ‘Men of the Docks’. The activities planned were led by the children, as they had many interesting suggestions about aspects of the picture we could explore and investigate. In English, we acted out the scene in role as the men waiting for work at the docks. Using a soundscape really helped us to imagine the sights, sounds, smells and feelings that these people may have experienced in New York in 1912. This led to some fantastic descriptive writing using the senses. In Maths, we investigated the effect of weight on buoyancy using tin foil boats. This involved estimating weight in grams, using scales to measure accurately and then predicting and testing whether the boats would float when the weight was added! Later in the week, we had fun trying to apply this knowledge to create our own sailing boat using recycled materials. We hope you will all enjoy the ‘Take One Picture’ exhibition next half term, where you will be able to see this work and more!

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